Saturday, November 26, 2016

Home Ownership is an Extension of Property Rights

Since a home is basic need commercial rental properties do not have to negate the goal of housing every American family irrespective of income level. Commercial interests have to tie home ownership to income levels to stimulate active participation of families in the investment activities and circulation of money in the communal leveraging efforts. There is no law specifying that a family must attain certain level of income to invest in home ownership since housing is basic human need. I pointed out in previous blogs that rental housing has always been a proportional part of every local housing market for leasehold arrangements among households. Since a home is basic need every family should normally seek to participate in the local housing market as an investor.

To ensure social justice, American families should not be inadvertently dispossessed of their property rights by commercial interests. That is, our public policy must continue to promote active participation of families in their local housing markets as investors. Home ownership is the great equalizer. With the expansion of commercial interests, home ownership could become morbid desires. At the same time, commercial interests continue to promote various forms of exploitative deals in equitable values of landed properties. Some scholars are already advocating re-thinking of home ownership disregarding the need to encourage families to invest their local housing markets. Community Housing Market Support Network Inc (CHMSN Inc.) is encouraging active participation in your local housing market as investors. Real estate is not a wasting asset. Its equitable value appreciates overtime if properly maintained. 

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