Saturday, December 31, 2016


This is the preface of my book on this issue. I am advocating social change to complement public policy in local housing markets across the United States. Social change is needed in form of voluntary network of all-income-level investors collaborating to manage individual real estate for nonprofit mutual benefits in various local housing markets. Whereas attempt is made to write the book so that every family could understand how to get involved, it requires some knowledge of real estate management and the nonprofit sector to provide the social change leadership. It is about investing in local housing markets for the mutual benefits of helping one another to work and live comfortably in decent homes in various communities.  Every family would normally want to be carried along to attain some measure of financial security since rent or monthly mortgage payment is the largest expense item of many families.

The housing needs of American families have been taken from the purview of employers of labor. Employees have to figure out how to invest to meet housing needs to improve the well-being and living conditions of their families. This book is written to help every family get involved in various local communities as investors in housing. Though housing is the first basic need to work and live in any community, the decision to participate as an investor or just a consumer is idiosyncratic. Every family could be given the opportunity to invest and become home owner through nonprofit real estate management in various communities. Although our politics remains divide-and-rule, economic issues about housing needs are two sides of the same coin. Every American family has right to adequate and decent housing as landed property.

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